Sofia Feldman heads one of the most successful and versatile full service-design firms. As one of the only female designer and contractor, Sofia has been given the claim as one of the best high-end "Structural Interior Designers."

She has worked with many private clients in London, Prague, Hamptons, West Palm Beach and Miami. 

Interior Design

When you enter your home, you want to see yourself reflected in every detail. You want designs that embody your traditional flair, your modern chic style, or your minimalist preferences. You want a home that showcases your creativity and personality. Whether you are looking to revamp an office, apartment, or an entire house, Creative Designs by Sofia will provide you with the perfect colors, elevated style, and a tailored experience that is unique to you. 

Creative Designs by Sofia will create a luxurious space for you to work and play in. Sofia's artistry and vision will transform your space into a beautiful, reimagined, purposeful area. 

Her unique vision will instantly create a feeling of which you have only dreamed. Whether you are looking to have a reading nook created and framed with natural light, or an outdoor patio that showcases the unique architecture of your home, you can trust Sofia to fulfill your aesthetic desires.